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Floor for Camping

Within all the equipment and accessories to go camping, a camping floor is always a necessary factor to protect the tent, isolate moisture, stones, branches and the reliefs of the surface.

You can feel at home using the camping flooring that we offer at Vida Campista, with a variety of models, types and designs that will prolong the useful life of your tent. We provide you with greater comfort thanks to waterproofing and temperature control for cold or hot days!

What is the best soil for advancement?

The best flooring for advancement is usually a combination of several elements. First of all, to make a good decision, it is best to assess the type of camping you will do. In this sense, think about what terrain you will be on, the dimensions of your tent and the season of the year in which you will make the trip.

After these evaluations, one of the most accepted options by campers is bolón flooring: resistant, made with recyclable material and non-absorbent fabrics. In addition, it is a breathable and quite durable camping floor against UV rays and fire.

What to put under the tent?

Ideally, your tent should have a floor between the trailer and the grass or surface. In this sense, a floor should be installed on the anti-mud flaps of your store and, finally, a carpet-type floor that you must place on the floor of the store.

The first floor, which is responsible for insulating the surface of your tent, is usually Oberlink ECO, since it prevents grass or other organic material from rotting, or other anti-root material, such as camping ground canvas.

On the other hand, the floors that you will put on the anti-mud flaps are usually made of PVC or woven polyethylene: both generate greater comfort, surface insulation and temperature control.

Finally, the carpet type floor, located on top of the previous two, usually comes with perforations to avoid discomfort with residues such as sand and dirt.

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