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Trivalent Refrigerators and Refrigerators for Caravans | 12v/220v and gas

Trivalent caravan refrigerators and refrigerators are very useful and versatile equipment, since they can work with 12 volts, 220 volts or gas. It has become the favorite products of van drivers and campers due to its excellent performance and optimal size.

At Vida Campista we have the best 12v/220v gas trivalent fridge on the market, endorsed by world-renowned brands for their quality, reliability, efficiency and good price. A camping refrigerator is very similar to the one we use at home, especially in relation to its capacity and performance.

What is a trivalent fridge?

A trivalent refrigerator is one of the most outstanding models that exist on the market. In fact, it is widely used in motorhomes because it allows its users to use three different energies: gas, 230 V and 12 V.

In this way, it manages to guarantee that the refrigerator will always be cold, whether you are driving or standing still.

How much does a trivalent refrigerator consume?

A trivalent refrigerator consumes about 100 W in the electrical area and about 18 g of gas every hour. Among the advantages of buying a 12v/220v gas trivalent refrigerator we can mention the following:

  • They are easy to use and have removable shelves.
  • They have a large capacity for food and drinks between 30 and 190 litres.
  • A trivalent caravan fridge has low energy consumption.
  • The operation of a trivalent 12v/220v gas refrigerator is silent, so they do not produce any noise.
  • They are made of strong and durable materials. Also, they are stainless.

How does an absorption fridge work?

An absorption refrigerator works, as its name suggests, by absorbing the heat that is inside it and then producing cold. It is a high-tech cooling system, it is completely sealed and makes use of elements such as ammonia, hydrogen and water. It does not use fans or a mechanical operation with parts that wear out.

How much does a trivalent fridge weigh?

A trivalent fridge can weigh between 20 and 30 kilograms depending on the model. A trivalent caravan fridge comes with different capacities, depending on the needs of our customers. For example, for camper vans we have 30-litre ones, while for luxury motorhomes there are 190-litre ones.

Buy refrigerators and refrigerators for trivalent caravans at Vida Campista

In Vida Campista you have the opportunity to acquire quality products at the best price. Trivalent caravan refrigerators and refrigerators are a reference in our store, thanks to the wide range of equipment, models, colours, capacity and efficiency. They will keep all your drinks cold, as well as the freshness of your food, especially fruits and vegetables.

The trivalent motorhome refrigerator that we have at your disposal is characterized by its durability and reliability. We assure you that you will save money in the long run! The models of our camping refrigerator have optimal storage space, a suitable structure, efficient operation and battery protection, among other benefits.

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