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Rope or door seal for Piazzetta and...

Rope or door seal for Piazzetta and Superior stoves. Glue included.

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Rope or gasket for the door of Piazzetta and Superior stoves. Glue included.

Gasket or rope covered with stainless mesh, original from the Piazzetta Group and compatible with any Piazzetta or Superior brand pellet stove. It is essential to detail the stove model and the rope size. Anti-heat glue and aluminum tape are included to join the two ends of the rope.

It does not include a metal clip like the ones that originally come with the stoves to join between both ends of the rope (instead of the clip, we send a piece of adhesive aluminum tape).

It is important NOT to use too much glue, so that it does not come off the rope.

In the pack we include: The custom joint, the reflective glue and a piece of adhesive aluminum tape.

The measurement that will be sent to the client is the measurement of its joint + 10 cm of excess . That is why we need you to indicate the measurement through order observations.

ORIGINAL replacement for Piazzetta and Superior pellet stoves and fireplaces. Official reference RP00501003.

We have access to all the cutting of the manufacturer Piazzetta and Superior. If you cannot find the spare part here, please go to vidacalor.com and fill out the form so that the technicians can identify your part. >Click here.<

Installation :

1. Disassemble the door and put it on a comfortable work table. Remove the old gasket. Measure the length of the old gasket and cut the new gasket to measure.

Attention, both ends of the new gasket must fit perfectly together, to maintain the tightness of the stove. Our technicians measure the length, put a black tape at the point of the cut, and then cut the joint. The union of the two ends of the joint are placed in the lower part to avoid that the union can be seen laterally through the glass.

2. Clean the seat where the new gasket is to be glued. Our technicians use a brass brush for the drill (if the brush is too big it will damage the paint on the door (we have the original paint from the piazzetta stoves as a replacement).

3. Clean dust residues, old silicone or other residues.

4. Put a special anticaloric silicone cord that we include in the pack to all the accommodation. Be careful not to pour too much, so that the silicone does not come out.

5. Rest the joint on top of the silicone. Put a very small amount of silicone at the junction of the two ends to guarantee watertightness.

It is advisable to put a piece of aluminum tape at the joint. This prevents the silicone from sticking to the monoblock. If it sticks to the monoblock, the entire joint will end up detaching.

It is advisable to give a few light blows with a hammer in the corners to distribute the silicone in the joint, so that when the door is closed, the joint does not gather in one position but is well distributed.

Put masking tape on the entire joint. This is done in case there is an area with a lot of silicone, so that it does not stick to the monobloc. You can also put newspaper taped together.

6. Mount the door, close it and leave it closed for 24 hours so that the silicone can dry properly, do not use the stove during that period of time.

7. Check that the gasket has been properly adhered to the door.

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