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Lubricating oil WD40 200ml
Lubricating oil WD40 200ml

Lubricating oil WD40 200ml

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Spray Lubricant Oil - 200 ml. WD-40.

Eliminates squeaking from hinges, doors and windows.
Grease latches and locks.
Eliminates the dirt that forms on the faucets when they are old and are going to be replaced.
Prevents corrosion in pipes.
Prevents the formation of rust in the washing machine.
Loosens stuck nuts and bolts.
It penetrates any type of bathroom valve that has become stuck and frees it.
Grease the sink faucet.
Lubricates the tracks on sliding doors and windows.
Protects the shower head from rust.
Prevents silver from tarnishing.
Clean black "scratches" on hardwood floors.

Clean garden tools.
Grease the pruning shears.
Grease the screws of metal garden furniture.
Cleans and prevents rust from exterior fuel tanks.
Prevents rust on nuts that are cold dipped.
Loosen rusty parts on the mower.
Prevents snow from sticking to tools in winter.
Keeps planters shiny and rust free.
Prevents the appearance of mold in the fountains.
Prevents external electrical installations from corrosion.
Prevents mud from sticking to garden tools.
Prevents metal materials from rusting.

Protects the areas of the car that are most sensitive to corrosion.
Clean rusty latches.
Removes tar from chassis.
Remove the stickers from the windows and the bumper.
Remove bugs from the front grill.
Clean the motorcycle chain.
Prevents spark plug wires from corrosion.
Polishes the finish (fairing) of motorcycles.
Removes sediment from the outside of the engine block.
Grease the crankshafts.
Cleans dirt from the engine.
Cleans and protects the chrome of cars.
Helps remove dust from wheel crevices.
Keeps car security chain rust free.
Cleans and protects the aluminum of the rims.
Removes marks from rubber surfaces.
Silence the screeching springs.
Keeps the motorcycle brake lever in good condition.

Keeps fishing rod reels free of rust.
Displaces moisture from weapons after cleaning.
Keeps fishing lures free from rust.
Clean golf balls.
Cleans and protects the bicycle chain.
Polish golf clubs.
Removes traces of dirt from the surface of weapons.

Prevents oxidation of bicycle spokes.
Keeps boat engine parts rust free.
Lubricates the mechanisms of exercise bikes.

Grease elevator cables.
Penetrates and makes it easier to open the lid of paint cans when it gets stuck.
Removes adhesive residue from office supplies.
Clean and unclog dirty phone buttons.
It keeps the traction mechanism of mechanical traction vehicles in good condition.
Sprayed on electrical panels, it displaces moisture.
Prehydrate brush bristles.
Helps prevent dust from accumulating on stored materials.

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